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Lattice Pressure Vessels Pioneering Technology

Bridging the gap between security and efficiency for a competitive market position

Lattice Technology solutions are built on cutting-edge technology that reconciles stability and flexibility for greater operational efficiency, compatibility with industry regulations, and a trailblazing position in the emerging green markets. As you venture into new use cases of industrial gas transport and storage to drive your organization forward, our technology keeps your resources safe throughout the journey.

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What are Lattice Pressure Vessels?

Lattice Pressure Vessel is the world’s first and only any-size, any-form fuel tank that can sustain high pressures in storage and transport of any industrial gas on land, sea or air.
From small-scale carrier ships to large cargo carriers to trailers, Lattice Pressure Vessels can scale to support commercial projects of any size, any shape, and any pressure, while eliminating the need for other storage solutions.


Why use Lattice Pressure Vessels?

By combining the pressure load capabilities of traditional cylinders with flexibility and scalability of non-pressure tanks, Lattice Pressure Vessels lets you improve your day-to-day bottom line—better utilize storage space, cut costs on storage and transport, simplify the workflow of imports and exports, reduce the chances of hazards and leaks, and ensure safety of your staff and vehicles.

On a strategic level, with Lattice Pressure Vessels, you can unlock access to new markets with greener gas and zero emissions, secure a competitive and lasting market position for your organization, and lead the way of compliant and sustainable gas handling across industries.

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Key Pillars of Lattice Pressure Vessel Technology

Lattice Pressure Vessels run on innovation, flexibility and sustainability for organizations looking to digitally transform their business models, optimize their workflow efficiency and prepare for new sources of energy and fuel in transport and storage across industries.

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Innovation: Creating space for future energy and transport

The technology behind Lattice Pressure Vessels is a unique blend of tradition and engineering craftsmanship that lets companies put new energy sources to a greater use. Our patent-pending technology is built to securely hold any industrial gas, including liquid hydrogen, natural gas, petroleum, ammonia, carbon dioxide and beyond. Lattice Pressure Vessels are not another tank—they’re a new paradigm in how industrial gas can be managed, handled and stored.


From trucks and small vessels to large cargo ships and carriers, Lattice Pressure Vessels adapt to projects and space of any size to deliver the maximum value for resources at hand.
Our volume-efficient tanks can serve companies at each step of the way, providing best storage utilization and top-security of industrial gas in any conditions.

Lattice Pressure Vessel Use Cases

Thanks to their flexibility and scalability, Lattice Pressure Vessels are fit for multiple deployments across industries. Here’s an overview of our solutions in practice:

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Sustainability: Clean Energy at Core

Lattice Pressure Vessels aspire towards zero emissions and sustainable clean energy. Our tanks are not built just for storage—they’re built for a clean and lasting global environment. By allowing companies to move from obsolete and inefficient energy resources to new fuel sources without losing on profitability, Lattice Pressure Vessels help create space in the market for market players to lead sustainable development and nurture zero emissions transport and storage.

Are Lattice Pressure Vessels Safe?

While Lattice Pressure Vessels deal with highly hazardous materials, they bring an added layer of safety for all your transport and storage requirements, regardless of which industrial gas you handle. Successfully tested in high-scale commercial projects and approved by leading regulatory authorities, Lattice Pressure Vessels is a trusting partner on your journey to new markets, higher operational efficiency, and more sustainable operations.


Leading transport and mobility organizations have entrusted their fleet and storage to Lattice Technology. Discover more implementations ofLattice Pressure Vessels and align with your unique business needs.

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Ulsan Port Authority

Ulsan Port Authority’s port cleaning ship successfully operating as the first LNG-fueled public service vessel run by the government.

Ready to take a step towards sustainable transport?

If you want to see how to best revamp your gas transport and storage efforts, get in touch with our team to help find the best fit for your organizational specificities.