LATTICE with Exmar
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Lattice International AS signs licensing agreement with major European gas carrier EXMAR



Lattice Technology

Lattice International AS, a Norwegian-Korean technology and intellectual property company, and EXMAR, a major publicly listed Belgian provider of floating gas solutions have signed a global license agreement for the use of Lattice Pressure Vessel (LPV) for bulk transportation of liquid CO2 (LCO2).
The agreement targets marketing, delivery, and implementation of multiple large-scale LPV tanks into vessels and floating gas infrastructure developed by EXMAR for accommodating the expected surge in LCO2 freight over the coming years, in parallel with accelerating development of the CCUS value chain and ongoing industrial decarbonization. Successful decarbonization is dependent on space-optimal and pressure-capable containment solutions incorporated into purpose-built ships that can effectively handle the vast amounts of CO2 that will need to be transported safely and cost-effectively from emitters to storage sites. The two companies recognize the unique knowledge, technological advantages, and market complementariness they combine to facilitate the growth of LCO2 transportation in Europe, and elsewhere. The companies plan to finalize the designs for multiple size LCO2 carriers early this year. 

Lattice International CEO, Pål Bråthen (left) and Jens Ismar, Executive Director Shipping at EXMAR

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