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Boundless scalability for industrial gas transport

Build future-proof fuel tanks that support the transport of all industrial gasses, including LNG, LH2, LPG, Liquid CO2, and Ammonia. Keep tabs on shifting regulations and meet compliance requirements on emission-cutting. Ensure greater efficiency and higher safety of standalone transport vehicles, on sea, land, or in the sky.

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Where Scalability Meets Green Transport

As laws on transport and storage of industrial gas become more stern, companies are forced to find ways to stay energy-efficient and competitive in the market. This in turn asks of you to ensure flexibility and reliability that can scale across all means of transport you manage, without spreading your budget too thin.

And Lattice Technology’s containment solutions fit right where you need them.

Built to sustain high-pressure transport of industrial gas (LNG, LH2, LPG, Liquid CO2, and Ammonia), Lattice Technology’s free-form tanks adjust to any means of transport, ensuring maximum capacity, efficient processing, and reliable storage—letting you focus on strategic high-impact goals.

Where Scalability Meets Green Transport

  • LNG

    LNG Cargo Handling, Simplified

    The pioneering technology behind Lattice Pressure Vessel is built to transform how industrial gas management works across industries. Our unique free-form high-pressure tank lets your engineers optimize their workflow around LNG storage and transport, ensuring optimal storage use and curbing the chances of hazards of leaks. Built by our team of expert engineers, Lattice Pressure Vessel helps you stay fully compliant with international rules on safe transport and storage, while letting you dispose of inefficient and outdated storage technologies. Tap into greener cargo and transport management, with lower operational complexity.

    LPV for LNG
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    Unlock Full LH2 Potential Before the Rest

    At Lattice Technology, we believe in a world that’s decarbonizing. That’s why we’ve been tailoring our container tanks to support bulk-carrying of LH2. As pioneering LH2 vessels become widespread, our tanks will support you in making the transition towards a sustainable and lucrative market position. The flexible technology behind our tanks, backed by successful reference tests, helps ensure zero boil-off gas loss of precious LH2 cargo, which translates to lower operational costs and better utility of resources. With simple implementation and support for large scale vessels and vehicles, these tanks are perfect for large companies that operate on land, sea and in the air.

    LPV for LH2
  • LPG

    LPG Cargo Tanks for Energy and Operational Efficiency

    Thanks to their unique blend of robustness and flexibility, Lattice Pressure tank are perfect in securing the safety and environmental efficiency for any LPG deployment, from end to end. Whether it’s trans-ocean transport, safe cargo loading or unloading, or storage at scale, our tanks are a tool your engineers and technicians can rely on at all steps of the way. Owing to the unique technology behind our tanks, they let your team manage all storage and transport tasks without bottlenecks and needless costs. A single solution that fits your strategy and day-to-day operation exactly the way you need it.

    LPV for LPG
  • Ammonia (1)

    Trailblazing Ammonia-Fueled Transport

    As ammonia is starting to find its way into manufacturing, its handling remains highly demanding and can put a significant strain on your team, both in terms of workload and operational costs. With their adjustable shape and size, Lattice Technology’s tanks reduce the chance of ammonia leaks and tank ruptures, allowing for easier storage and transport. Ensure critical stability for engines of the future.

    LPV for Ammonia
  • Carbon_Dioxide (1)

    Reinvent CO2 Transport

    With Lattice Technology’s storage solutions, you can board the train of sustainable cargo management and start positioning your team in the markets of the future. Our volume efficient tanks are built to support capture and storage of CO2, through reduced fuel consumption, better storage utilisation, and diminished leakage risks.

    LPV for CO2

Pioneering technology for transport across industries

Lattice Pressure Vessel tanks come with flexible geometry, high-pressure endurance, and easy-deployment that lets you save on operational costs, enter competitive markets and tick off the boxes on compliance scale.

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    Governments and public services
    • Future-proofed vessels for public service delivery

    • Greener public services, with higher operational efficiency

    • Better budget allocation

  • Group 333246
    Mobility companies
    • Safer transport and efficient storage that meets regulations

    • Lower emissions and greener day-to-day operations

    • Flexible and accessible storage that scales

  • Group 333245
    Energy sector
    • Scalable storage for production plants and receiving terminals

    • Versatile containers for greater energy efficiency and variety of sources

    • Safe and compliant transport via land, air, and sea traffic

  • “There is no greater advantage than the advantage of being able to make the most of the space on the ship. The function as a pressure vessel is, of course, basic and faithful to this is the same as the existing cylinder type.”

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