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Run transport and storage without hold-ups

Lattice Pressure Vessels are built to support transport and storage requirements of all industrial gas — from liquid petroleum gas to ammonia and liquid CO2. The cutting-edge technology behind our free-form tanks is built to sustain high pressure and fit to spaces of all shapes and volumes for optimum storage utility and lower operational costs.

Our engineers and technicians speak the language of yours. And that’s why the build of our tanks is made to help remove all day-to-day bottlenecks. By providing a single solution that lets your team simply manage storage and transport, your company can prioritize and invest in strategic matters to ensure market competitiveness and compliance with safety regulations, no matter whether you run a fleet of ships, vehicles or aircrafts or are in charge of industrial gas transport.

Lattice Pressure Vessels help manage all industrial gases

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    Monetize on liquid CO2 usage
    • Expand into the field of liquid CO2 storage for lasting market competitiveness

    • Cut down fuel consumption and storage costs

    • Reduce the chances of leakage and hazards

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    Critical stability in ammonia matters
    • Heighten safety and reliability of ammonia transport and management

    • Enable your engineers and technicians by simplifying their demanding work

    • Stay profitable while ensuring compliance with strict regulations

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    Raise the scale of your LPG operations
    • Increase the volume of petroleum work with robust technology that keeps your business safe

    • Cut down costs needed to safely handle LPG and ensure your team’s safety

    • Diversify your product offering for a longer-lasting market relevance

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Improve industrial gas handling, from end to end

  • Simplified day-to-day gas management
    • Copy Improve storage and transport of liquid CO2, LPG and ammonia with a single solution

    • Increase daily efficiency of your technicians and remove any blocks from their work

    • Secure the safety of yous employees and fleet, by reducing chances of leakage

  • Save budget to focus on strategy
    • Cut down maintenance and storage costs to focus on long-term strategic goals

    • Introduce a single, scalable solution that fits all your industrial gas management needs

    • Preempt tank ruptures and ensure higher stability of tanks for diminished recovery costs

  • Access to lucrative market
    • Expand your operations into different energy sources and cement your stance as a pioneer

    • Get certified and approved easily with our compliant technology

    • Build strategic relationships and strong market position through a scalable solution

Unique technology for all industrial gas purposes

Lattice Pressure Vessels are robust enough to help you manage liquid CO2, liquid petroleum gas, and ammonia with ease and safety, but unconstrained in how you utilise them. Whether you manage gas storage or run a transport business, or are looking to digitally transform your business model by expanding into greener markets, our technology and expertise can aid you at all points of your journey, at a strategic and operational level.

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Mobility organizations like yours entrust their fleet and storage to Lattice Technology. Discover more LPV implementations for a variety of purposes and industries.

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Ulsan Port Authority

Ulsan Port Authority’s port cleaning ship successfully operating as the first LNG-fueled public service vessel run by the government.

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