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Boost LNG fuel tanks efficiency

Global regulatory landscape has shifted towards stringent regulations on CO2 and SOx emissions. As a result, cargo companies are starting to turn to greener energy sources. And liquified natural gas has emerged as the next big source. Over the last year alone, LNG consumption has risen over 60%. As its expansion goes on, fleets looking to stay competitive and compliant are on the lookout for sustainable and safe storage and transport solutions.

Enter Lattice Technology’s high-pressure, free-form, scalable LNG tanks.

Blending the pressure loading power of cylinder-based solutions and free shape of non-pressure tanks, our ground-breaking technology delivers customizable & reliable solutions for various means of transport. With operational complexity removed, you can focus on strategic goals and work towards a sustainable competitive position in the global market, free of non-compliance issues and operational inefficiencies.

How Lattice Pressure Vessels solve LNG storage and transport

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    Meeting environmental requirements
    • Approved by leading Classification Societies

    • Aligned with planned global CO2 and gas emissions cuts

    • Meets global rules on emissions at sea

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    Streamlined operational efficiency
    • A single solution for decreased consumption and fuel costs

    • Caters to large vessels and smaller ports and inland waterways

    • Simplified storage of on-board tanks and better space-efficiency

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    Competitiveness in a fast-growing market
    • LNG fueled vessels

    • Diminished operational costs

    • Curbed total costs of ownership

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    Diverse applications across LNG storage and transport needs
    • Cargo tanks for high-pressure LNG carriers

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Efficiency, economy and sustainability for leaders

LNG-fueled vessels help shipowners and mobility leaders in taking a competitive stance in the market of the future. LPV solutions enable them to get there efficiently.

  • Efficiency
    • Simplify your day-to-day operations with a single tool for all LNG handling needs

    • Diminished cargo costs and efficient space utilisation

    • Safety guaranteed: Lattice Pressure Vessel design preempts leakage and hazards

  • Economy
    • Lattice Technology’s high pressure tanks are proven to reduce maintenance costs

    • Lower installation volume and fewer tanks for better fuel storage and transport

    • Unlimited scalability of our tanks lets cargo managers improve the bottomline

  • Environment
    • Switching to greener fuel helps build a lasting market competitiveness

    • Get approvals for entire fleets, thanks to compliant fuel storage solution

    • Implement a single LNG storage solution that meets all regulatory requirements

Fluid Volume (m3)
Installation Volume (m3)
Volume Efficiency (%)
No. of Tanks
No. of Lost Containers
Total Cost of Ownership
Type C (Cylindrical)
Group 101 Lattice LPV
checkmark-circle-2 15,120
checkmark-circle-2 15,998
checkmark-circle-2 95
checkmark-circle-2 1
checkmark-circle-2 421
checkmark-circle-2 ????%

Innovative technology that focuses on efficiency and safety

Lattice Pressure Vessels can sustain high pressure at a fraction of cost of traditional cylinder-based solutions. Their free-form design can support storage volumes from 50 liters to well beyond 10,000 m3, while ticking off all the compliance checkboxes on gas emissions. Plus, our tank’s flexibility brings an added layer of storage efficiency, reducing overall maintenance costs.

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Approval, Certification & Awards


Mobility organizations like yours entrust their fleet and storage to Lattice Technology. Discover more LPV implementations for a variety of purposes and industries.

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Ulsan Port Authority

Ulsan Port Authority’s port cleaning ship successfully operating as the first LNG-fueled public service vessel run by the government.

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