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Monetize on LH2 potential on time

As the world starts to curb carbon consumption, liquid hydrogen is steadily becoming the fuel of the future, creating space for a competitive market. Lattice Technology’s pioneering work helps you be the first to cement a bankable position in the eco-friendly and compliant market of LH2 transport and storage.

At Lattice Technology, liquid hydrogen handling and transport has been our top priority, shaping the build of our containers. The ground-breaking technology behind our transport and containment tanks is made to support firms of all sizes and across industries move easily to new, reliable and profitable energy sources. Whether you operate a fleet of land vehicles, manage oversea transport, take care of safe handling and compliance, or consider LH2 carrying ships, Lattice Pressure Vessels are a trusted expert to support you along the way.

How Lattice Pressure Vessels supports LH2 utilisation

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    Expand your LH2 product portfolio
    • Operate and build LH2 land vehicles to satiate the market that’s going green

    • Strike strategic partnerships by offering large-scale LH2 tanks

    • Venture into LH2 carrying ships for lucrative deals

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    Ensure full compliance for market desirability
    • Prepare on time for stringent regulations around the globe

    • Easily obtain licences and certificates thanks to our eco-friendly technology

    • Work towards safer environment and tap into alternative, profitable resources

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    Reduce operational costs and increase efficiency
    • Simplify the handling of your cargo through a single, free-form solution

    • Reduce maintenance costs and installation space

    • Lower the chances of leaks and hazards and protect employee safety

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    Competitiveness in a fast-growing market
    • Smoothly move to an emerging market alongside an experienced tech partner

    • Utilize a single, robust solution across all your vehicles and vessels

    • Build custom-made solutions that fit your strategic goals precisely

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See behind Lattice Pressure Vessels technology

Winning LH2 race with Lattice Pressure Vessels

  • Be the first in the market of the future
    • Early adopt the energy of the future and start positioning as market pioneer

    • Help shape a revolutionary market and secure strategic deals with a potent solution

    • Scale your business with the help of a reliable, cutting-edge technology

  • Trusted companion for smooth market transition
    • Optimize operational costs of LH2 handling with our revolutionary technology

    • Build on Lattice Technology’s expertise to ensure lasting safety for your business

    • Gain credibility for better leverage with a scalable, highly-resistant solution

  • Bank on quantum-jump transformation potential
    • Build custom solutions for LH2 storage and transport for greater efficiency

    • Easily move into different areas of LH2 usage and expand on your expertise

    • Secure compliance with regulations and lead the market of friendlier fuel consumption

    • Improve the LH2 shipping economics by saving the boil-off hydrogen loss

Pioneering technology built for LH2

Lattice Pressure Vessels are unique in that

  • Volume-efficient to compensate low density of LH2
  • Pressure-loading to prevent boil-off hydrogen loss
  • Vacuum-insulated to avoid air condensation
  • Large-Scale to minimize the number of tanks and installation space to create a single solution that can cater to any means of transport, for any industry, incorporating the needs to safely manage LH2. By eliminating the need for multiple storage and transport cylinders, our free-form high-pressure vessels reduce the chances of hazards, simplify your cargo management processes and improve your budget utilisation.

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Mobility organizations like yours entrust their fleet and storage to Lattice Technology. Discover more LPV implementations for a variety of purposes and industries.

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Ulsan Port Authority

Ulsan Port Authority’s port cleaning ship successfully operating as the first LNG-fueled public service vessel run by the government.

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