Our Vision

Since the Second Industrial Revolution, petroleum fuel has served mankind as an essential element in achieving the remarkable progress of modern civilization. However, it has left us another shadow of the destruction of the environment, and its effects have had irreversible catastrophic consequences for us as well as for our descendants. Today, the search for new eco-friendly alternative energy is urgently needed, and the development of new technologies accordingly is facing a new challenge. LATTICE Technology is making efforts to complete the supply chain from production to consumption by focusing on the development and industrialization of new technologies for storage and use in the application of new alternative energy. LATTICE Technology is trying to realize a clean global environment through R&D continuously.

Our team brings experience from
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LATTICE Company Structure


Board Members

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    Keunoh Park

    Keunoh Park is the CEO of LATTICE Technology Co. Ltd responsible for overall management of the company including sales, design, finance and administration. He received his BA for Engines and an MA in Electronics at the Korea Maritime University. Prior to joining LATTICE Technology Keunoh has had a distinguished career with Hanjin Shipping Company, Halla Shipyard, Hyundai IT, Korea Ship Managers Co Ltd, Zhejiang Eastern Shipyard and Logship.

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    Daejun Chang

    Daejun Chang is co-founder of LATTICE Technology. After his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from KAIST, Daejun joined Hyundai Heavy Industries as a leader of development projects, a researcher for ocean system engineering and an engineer participating in commercial projects. Daejun has been working as a professor in KAIST since 2013.

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    Pål G. BERGAN, CTO

    Pål G. Bergan is co-founder of LATTICE Technology. After his Ph.D. in computational mechanics from University of California, Berkeley, Pål served as professor of structural mechanics at NTNU for 15 years followed by research director and senior vice president in DNV-GL with responsibilities for strategic research, innovation and research coordination covering a very wide range technologies and industrial applications.

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    Tor Andenæs
    Founding shareholders

    Tor Andenæs is one of the founding shareholders of the Norwegian real estate company Tor Andenaes AS/Avantor AS and Sunbelt Holdings in the US. Tor brings over 45 years of experience covering all aspects of international real estate and business enterprises. Tor is the Chair of the companies in the AS Tanja/ Andenæsgruppen sphere, and for Sunbelt Holdings. Tor holds an MA in Civil Engineering from The Norwegian Institute of Technology.

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    Pål Bråthen

    Pål Bråthen is the CEO of the newly formed LATTICE International AS in Oslo, Norway on 1st October, 2021. LATTICE International will be responsible for the commercialization of LPV technology in Europe and US, and otherwise contribute to the LATTICE team organisation. Bråthen holds a degree in business administration and has an extensive career from Norwegian and International industrial development in life sciences, software and cleantech. He has lived 5 years in Germany and 9 years in Asia, thus, possessing a broad industrial network globally and competency in international business development.

Approval, Certification & Awards

Company Milestone

  • 30.11.2012.
  • 20.01.2014.
  • 17.02.2016.
  • Year 2018.
  • Year 2019.
  • Year 2020.
  • Year 2021.
  • LATTICE Technology Co., Ltd., founded by Bergan and Chang

  • ASME U2 Stamp

  • Signed LPV-PP License Agreement with HHI

  • 16.03.2018. MOU of RW-LPV with HHI
    30.05.2018. First commercial LPV order secured for Ulsan Port Cleaning Ship
    25.07.2018. Keunoh, Park inaugurated as CEO
    31.10.2018. USCG’s Approval Seas of USA

  • 19.08. MOU with MAN ES
    26.11.2019 LOI with New Zealand Consort for LH2 Shipping Feasibility
    02.12.2019 ASME Emerging Technology Award 2019 for Pressure Vessel

  • 21.01.2020. License Agreement with Keppel
    21.08.2020 AIP from Lloyd’s, Vacuum-Insulated Cargo Containment System for Pressurized LH2 of 12,500m3
    12.09.2020. Second Commercial LPV Supplied
    11.12.2020 Invested by Norda ASA in Norway

  • 21.06.2021. Government Project for “Development of a Localization Model for Core Technologies(CCS, BOG treatment, CHS system) of Liquid Hydrogen Carrier”
    01.11.2021. Government Project for "Design and Verification of Liquid Hydrogen Fuel Cell Ships"
    01.12.2021. Government Project for "Basic Design of Transportable Standardized 75,000 m3 Liquid Hydrogen Export and Import Terminals for Green Hydrogen Import"

Company History

Our story officially began in 2012, when Daejun Chang and Pål G Bergan co-founded LATTICE Technology, deciding to blend their expertise in process engineering and structural mechanics to deliver cutting-edge transport and storage solutions. Over the next two years, the LATTICE Technology team worked on crafting and perfecting (LATTICE Pressure Vessel) prototypes, and in 2014 earned the ASME U2 stamp as proof of quality and endurance in design, build and reliability. In parallel, our team worked on developing pressure vessels with cross-frame (LPV-CF), carrying out cryogenic and hydrostatic tests of the second prototype, and embarking on long-term government projects....

Having established ourselves as a reliable partner in the industry, from 2016 onwards, the LATTICE Technology team has started to secure large-scale projects, signing LPV-PP license agreement with Hyundai Heavy Industries, all the while developing curved-combine prismatic pressure vessels, and securing approval in principle from KR, ABS, DNV-GL, LR, BV and Class NK. During 2019, LATTICE Technology has undertaken several feasibility studies and development projects. We also put the first commercial LPV in service, and signed a license agreement with Keppel. In 2020, we received approval in principle from Lloyds Register for the large-scale LH2 storage tank with our patented vacuum insulation technology. Operating for well over a decade, we have delivered solutions to leading shipping, oil and gas companies, on the road and at sea. One successful project after the other, we started working with clients from across the globe, from Tokyo to Singapore, to Perth, and Houston. Operating for well over a decade, we continue to work hard on delivering efficient, scalable and sustainable solutions, so that leading players in energy and transportation industries can tap into new energy resources with ease.