World’s first free-shape scalable pressure vessel

LPV (Lattice Pressure Vessel) is a free-form pressure tank for storage & transportation of industrial gases that can be adapted to any space and shape

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What is Lattice Pressure Vessel (LPV)?

The LPV (Lattice Pressure Vessel) is a ground-breaking free-form pressure tank that can be used for cargo tanks of liquefied gases (LPG/LNG/LH2/CO2/Ammonia) for ships, terminals, production facilities and trailers, as well as standalone fuel tanks for ships, land vehicles, and flying vehicles.

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Why use LPV?

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    Lower CAPEX and OPEX

    LPV enables significantly lower CAPEX & OPEX than traditional cylindrical tanks. LPV is much more efficient than the conventional.

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    Higher Safety

    LPV provides much higher structural redundancy and reliability than traditional C-type cylindrical tanks. It sustains higher pressures without leakage than non-pressure membrane-type tanks or B-type tanks.

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    Lower Installation Space

    As a world’s first free-shape scalable high-pressure vessel, LPV can be adapted to (almost) any space and shape. LPV requires the minimum installation space. For a given space, LPV increases storage volume by 50% or even more than traditional cylindrical tanks.


A new energy containment solution, for a new world.

LATTICE Technology is providing ground-breaking free-form high pressure tanks for storage and transportation of industrial gasses such as LNG, LPG, CO2, and liquid hydrogen. LATTICE Technology reinvents how energy sources are stored and managed for zero emissions and sustainable business. Operating for well over a decade, we continue to work hard on delivering efficient, scalable and sustainable solutions, so that leading energy suppliers and players in energy and transportation industries can tap into new energy resources with ease.

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LPV Applications

  • LNG

  • LH2

  • LPG

  • Ammonia

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • LNG

    LPV as the LNG fuel tank provides maximum storage volume for a given space, flexible geometry that can be easily combined with the LNG fuel processing room and same functionalities as with the cylinders: pressure loading, no need of BOG handling, life-long fatigue life, etc.

    Compared to the multi-cylinder mobility solutions, the LPV-based solutions provide the following advantages: free shape (high space efficiency), unlimited size, reduced sloshing, safety and economics.

    LPV for LNG
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    The LPV in LH2 service covers a wide range of applications across the whole LH2 supply chain, from small-scale LH2 fuel tanks for land-based Fuel Cell vehicles and aero vehicles such as drones (0.5 – 2.0m3), through to mid-scale LH2 fuel tanks for ships and trailers (10 – 20,000m3), and large-scale LH2 tanks for LH2 carriers and terminals (up to 40,000m3).

    LPV for LH2
  • LPG

    Thanks to their unique blend of robustness and flexibility, Lattice Pressure Vessel tanks are perfect in securing the safety and environmental efficiency for any LPG deployment, from end to end. Whether it’s trans-ocean transport, safe cargo loading or unloading, or storage at scale, our tanks are a tool your engineers and technicians can rely on at all steps of the way.

    Owing to the unique technology behind our tanks, they let your team manage all storage and transport tasks without bottlenecks and needless costs. A single solution that fits your strategy and day-to-day operation exactly the way you need it.

    LPV for LPG
  • Ammonia (1)

    As ammonia is starting to find its way into manufacturing, its handling remains highly demanding and can put a significant strain on your team, both in terms of workload and operational costs. With their adjustable shape and size, Lattice Technology’s tanks reduce the chance of ammonia leaks and tank ruptures, allowing for easier storage and transport. Ensure critical stability for engines of the future.

    LPV for Ammonia
  • Carbon_Dioxide (1)

    With Lattice Technology’s storage solutions, you can board the train of sustainable cargo management and start positioning your team in the markets of the future. Our volume efficient tanks are built to support capture and storage of CO2, through reduced fuel consumption, better storage utilisation, and diminished leakage risks.

    LPV for Carbon Dioxide
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    “There is no greater advantage than the advantage of being able to make the most of the space on the ship. The function as a pressure vessel is, of course, basic and faithful to this is the same as the existing cylinder type.”

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Lattice Technology offers the perfect solution for companies in the mobility industry looking to comply with emission-cutting regulatory requirements and to build/operate vehicles for cost-effective storage and transport of industrial gases. Feel free to reach out to find out more on how our Lattice Pressure Vessel can help you achieve better workflow efficiency, while providing higher safety in free-form high-pressure tanks.