LNG FSU Engineering Contract for the Power Plant in Indonesia





October 12th 2015, GAS Entec (CEO, Chong-Ho Kwak) has announced that it has been chosen as the engineering contractor for 26,000cbm LNG FSU (Floating Storage Unit) that will be installed for the 200MW power plant in Bali which will be operated by PEL (PT Pelabuhan Indonesia).


The LNG FSU which will start to be constructed in early 2016 will be operated in line with the FRU (Floating Regasification Unit) that has been building for the same power plant project that GAS Entec had won in April 2015. It will be equipped with 26,000 cbm capacity GTT Membrane Tank, LNG pumps and main LNG equipment and GAS Entec will be the engineering partner who is also responsible for the selection of the shipyard. GAS Entec had made the Shipbuilding Contract with Kangnam Co. for the FRU construction which is in progress. Also the LNG FSU construction will be done in cooperation with the domestic small and medium size shipyard as well. Regarding the construction of LNG cargo storage tank, not by the large major shipyard, at the first time among the small and medium sized enterprises, CSI (Cryotank Solution Inc., CEO, Sung-Rak Choi) who was awarded TALA (Technical Assistance and License Agreement) from GTT will construct the MARK-III Type Membrane Tank.


The significance of this project is the creating new business model of LNG project and it is that small and medium size LNG specialized engineering company won the project and will execute it by cooperating with domestic small and medium size shipyard. Also October 1st 2015, PEL announced that the JSK Shipping / Humpuss transportation consortium has been selected as the responsible party of LNG supply and transportation of LNG fuel for the power plant in Bali. JSK will be responsible for LNG FSU construction and operation and LNG cargo transportation from Indonesian domestic LNG terminal to Bali will be carried by Humpuss.


GAS Entec plans to provide engineering service and major equipment for 26,000 cbm LNG FSU as done for LNG FRU building at Kangnam Co. Especially, for the daily buffer tank made with High Manganese Hot-dip Galvanized Steel material that will be installed on the FSU, it will be manufactured by DongHwa Entec.






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